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Why should I send my child to GCA (Jiaxing)?

At GCA (Jiaxing) we are proud of our school and learning community. As a school, the staff work hard to be true to the values of lifelong learning, a strong work ethic, and being a thoughtful, active and cooperative member of our community. We have small class sizes, and place an emphasis on working with each individual student to develop their strengths and gifts.

Other benefits include:

  1. Certified Canadian teachers with Canadian teaching degrees;
  2. British Columbia curriculum designed for advancement to post-secondary education in Canada, the US, Great Britain or Australia;
  3. Yearly inspections by the BC Ministry of Education to ensure high quality of program.
  4. Small class sizes;
  5. Close community with opportunities to develop life long friendships;
  6. A western education in a Chinese setting;
  7. Library of western learning materials including books, DVD's, and audio-book tapes;
  8. Assistance with applying for Canadian student visas;
  9. Guidance and counseling on applying to western universities.

What courses do students take?  Is all instruction in English?

At GCA (Jiaxing) we run a dual program of BC courses and Chinese courses so students have the benefit of a double diploma. The focus of the program however, is to prepare students for admission and success in western universities.

While Chinese classes are held mostly in the early mornings, evenings and on weekends, our BC courses are entirely scheduled within a typical Canadian daytime block between 8:15 and 4:40.  Instructional hours have been accounted for in the creation of the Dual Diploma program.  With most of the BC course titles being also taught on the Chinese side (with some differences), students' learning in each of the individual subjects is supported and strengthened. 


  Western BC Courses

  Chinese Courses


  English 10
  IT 10
  Mandarin 10
  Math 10
  Planning 10
  PE 10
  Science 10
  Socials 10



  Chemistry 11
  COM. 11
  Physics 11
  Earth Science 11
  English 11
  Math 11
  PE 11
  Socials 11



  Physics 12
  Calculus 12
  Math 12
  Chemistry 12
  English 12
  Grad Transitions

  Mandarin 12

While students need 80 credits to complete the Dogwood Diploma, our students can have up to 100 credits if they pass all their courses.

What Exams do students have to write?

In order to successfully graduate from the BC program with a BC Dogwood Diploma, students are required to write the following provincial exams:

  • Math 10, Science 10 and English 10
  • Social Studies 10 or Social Studies 11
  • English 12

Are the teachers certified?

Students at Jiaxing Grand Canadian Academy study both B.C. courses and Chinese courses. All BC courses are taught by Canadian certified teachers with university degrees and/or degrees in education. All Chinese courses are taught by Zhejiang certified Chinese teachers. We also provide some ESL (English as a Second Language) support from an instructional leader with a university degree.

What kinds of extra-curricular activities and special events take place at the school?

At GCA (Jiaxing) we believe in the importance of student activities and extracurricular opportunities. Students will need to be able to study and work in a Western environment but they must also understand and be able to fit into Western culture. With this in mind we work to prepare students and have activities such as soccer and basketball tournaments with other offshore BC schools. We hold a Grade 11 leadership camp for all our students, and throughout the year, our students have opportunities to participate in speech contests, math contests, talent shows and opportunities to participate in Western cultural events such as the Terry Fox Run for cancer, Halloween carnival, and Christmas activities.

How is GCA (Jiaxing) different than traditional Chinese schools?

One of the strengths of our school is that while we are in a Chinese setting, we run a program that is largely Western. This means, our teachers interact much more freely and get to know the students far more personally than most Chinese schools. In addition, our class sizes are smaller, our expectations for individual students is dependent on their strengths and weaknesses rather than as a class of students. We work to prepare students for Western culture and so our discipline is largely about getting students to take responsibility for their own behavior and actions. By the time students graduate from our program, we expect they will be independent-minded, capable individuals, able to function far from the traditional school forms found in Chinese High schools and universities. In Chinese schools, traditionally learning is centred around exams and tests. At GCA (Jiaxing), we focus the learning around student understanding and use far more varied instructional and evaluation techniques such as: reports, projects, group presentations, labs, essays, and written assignments. Because our program is taught by certified Canadian teachers, our English program is a significantly different than Chinese schools.

Where is GCA (Jiaxing) located?

GCA (Jiaxing) is located in the small city of Tongxiang, in Zhejiang province approximately 30 minutes by taxi or bus from Jiaxing and approximately 35 minutes from Shanghai by the electric train.

Address: Maodun High School( 288zhenxing road east )

Contact Phone: 573-8810-7576 or 573-8810-7658
Fax: 573-8810-7576

What is the cost of Tuition?

Tuition: 30 000 RBM per term

How do I get more information or register my child?

Contact with us :

  1. Mr. Bill Ironside - Principal - Email: bironside@gcahighschool.ca
  2. Mr. Simon Zhou or Ms. Emma Feng - Program Liaison - Email: zyn5308@126.com

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